Preparing for adulthood 14-25

A young disabled person explains why he should be involved in planning for his own future.

Taking control of your life

Preparing for adulthood and transitions. If you're 14 or older, you should be hearing these words. You should be getting help to take control of your life. Follow this path to find out more.

Life after school - what are the choices?

All young people should start planning for post-16 education in year 9. Find out more about what you can do here.

Benefits and financial help for disabled young people

Young people with SEND may be able to get disability benefits and other financial help. Follow this path to find out more.

Budgeting for young people

Most young people should be able to manage their own money, including money for their care, so they can be more independent. Take this path to find out more.

Finding somewhere to live

Young people with SEND have lots of options when it comes to housing. There's loads to think about and planning to do. Follow this path to find out more.

Preparing for Adulthood reviews

This video explains how annual reviews should happen after the age of 14, and how they should help young people prepare to move into adult life.