Lambeth Made Communities

Lambeth Made Community meetings and websites allow residents and community groups to work with organisations that provide local services, like the police and the council.

The aim is to build community resilience, improve community safety, and reduce violence.

We want to have honest and open conversations with our communities about how we can work together to improve the safety of Lambeth and help support long term, community-led change.

We believe residents and community groups need to be at the centre of everything we do.

Lambeth Made Community meetings are organised for each ward in Lambeth. These are the local areas that local councillors are elected to represent. These wards were recently changed to make sure each ward has a similar number of residents and reflects how local people see the geography of their community.

Soon, we will announce a new schedule of community meetings and launch new engagement websites for each of these new wards. We have closed the old websites to comments.