Freshview is an initiative to bring your neighbours together for a day to improve your street.

The idea is to make your local area and the borough cleaner, safer and greener by improving the quality of the environment.

Freshview is led by residents, it is your chance to make a difference to the environment in your local area. Whether you want to brighten up green space, give a facelift to a disused area of land or any other activity that improves your local environment, the council will help you do it.

If you belong to a community group or have neighbours who want to help improve the environment in your area, we can help you by giving you equipment, expertise and some extra helping hands.

Types of activities

You can do any activity that helps to improve the quality of the environment in your local area, including:

  • creating a community garden
  • building on-street planters and window boxes
  • removing debris from disused land
  • cutting back overgrowth from alleyways and footpaths
  • brightening up local areas by re-painting front garden walls or street furniture.

Get involved

Just talk to us about your idea and we will be happy to give you any advice. We can arrange for an experienced officer to meet you at the location to discuss the details.

To find out more about arranging a Community Freshview contact us on 020 7926 3069 or email